The archaeological site of Jubbah is located 90km (120km by car) northwest of Ha'il in the Nefud desert, in the north of Saudi Arabia. The site consists of a number of rocks with petroglyphs and rock carvings. It has one of the largest and most diverse collections of petroglyphs in Saudi Arabia.
The rock art of Jubbah dates back thousands of years and provides valuable insights into the prehistoric cultures that once inhabited the region. The engravings depict various scenes, including hunting scenes, animals, human figures, and geometrical patterns. Some of the rock art at Jubbah is believed to be from the Neolithic period, while other pieces date back to the Bronze Age and Iron Age.
The site of Jubbah has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. It is considered an important cultural and historical site, shedding light on the ancient civilisations and their artistic expressions in the Arabian Peninsula.
How to get to Jubbah
From Ha'il there are two roads to Jubbah: one across the desert, more picturesque and a second one further north mainly consisting of motorway.
Accomodation is available in Ha'il, which has a number of hotels, bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Blooming desert 02 Car on desert road 03 Desert road from Hail to Jubbah
04 Sand dunes in the desert 05 Sand dunes in the desert
06 Sand dunes in the desert 07 Desert road from Hail to Jubbah
08 Desert road from Hail to Jubbah
09 Desert road from Hail to Jubbah 10 Blooming desert 11 Jubbah visitor centre 12 Jubbah rocks
13 Rock graffiti 14 Jubbah archaeological site 15 Rock graffiti 16 Rock graffiti
17 Jubbah archaeological site 18 Jubbah archaeological site 19 Jubbah rocks
20 Jubbah archaeological site 21 Jubbah rocks 22 Rock with yellow staircase 23 Rock with yellow staircase 24 Mouflon rock carving
25 Jubbah archaeological site 26 Petroglyphs 27 Petroglyphs
28 Petroglyphs 29 Petroglyphs 30 Petroglyphs 31 Petroglyphs 32 Petroglyphs
33 Rock carvings 34 Moufflon petroglyphs 35 Rock carvings 36 Petroglyphs
37 Petroglyphs 38 Petroglyphs 39 Petroglyphs 40 Petroglyph
41 Rock carvings 42 Petroglyphs 43 Petroglyphs 44 Dromedary rock carving
45 Petroglyphs 46 Historical heritage area
47 Jubbah roundabout 48 Jubbah roundabout 49 Jubbah roundabout
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