Jabal Shada, or Shada mountains, is a mountain area about 50km wouth of Al Bahah, along the road from Al Bahah to the coast. It includes an isolated twin-mountain massif in Saudi Arabia that supports rich biodiversity.
The Shada mountains area is composed of Shada Alalah and Shada Asfal with the peak altitudes of 2215m and 1472m. The twin mountains are separated by Wadi Meleel valley.
The photos below show the mountain top area with the characteristic granite rocks. Some of these boulders are hollow due to the erosion and have been used as dwellings by the local population.
Along the mountain road from Al Bahah there are many baboons. These are often near the parking areas, where they wait for tourists who often will give them food. The abandoned village of Thee Ain lies on the way between Al Bahah and Jabal Shada.
How to get to Jabal Shada
Jabal Shada can only be reached by car. The mountain road is very steep and narrow in the last section immediately before the mountain top (a car with a powerful enough engine is needed).
There is no accomodation in Jabal Shada. The nearest hotels are in Al Bahah.
01 Road to Al Bahah across Asir mountains 02 Baboon 03 Baboon 04 Baboons
05 Young baboons 06 Baboon mother with baby 07 Baboon family with baby 08 Female baboons 09 Baboon mother with baby
10 Female baboons 11 Baboon 12 Baboon 13 Baboons
14 Road to Al Bahah across Asir mountains 15 Road to Al Bahah across Asir mountains
16 Road to Al Bahah across Asir mountains 17 Baboons 18 Baboons 19 Mountain road and telecommunications tower 20 Baboon
21 Asir mountains 22 Baboons 23 Baboons 24 Asir mountains
25 Asir mountains 26 Road to Jabal Shada 27 Jabal Shada mountain area 28 Jabal Shada mountain area
29 Jabal Shada mountain area 30 Cave dwellings area 31 Jabal Shada mountain area 32 Gazelle rock painting
33 Cave dwelling 34 Asir mountain range 35 Jabal Shada mountain area
36 Pond 37 Pond 38 Jabal Shada mountain area 39 Cave dwelling 40 Road to Jabal Shada
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