To the north and northwest of Riyadh there is a large sand desert known as the "Nafud desert". This occupies a great oval depression and is 290 kilometres long and 225 kilometres wide, with an area of 103600 kmĀ². The Nafud desert is characterised by extensive sand dunes, which can reach heights of up to 100 meters and cover vast stretches of the region. The dunes vary in shape, ranging from crescent-shaped barchan dunes to long, linear seif dunes.
Dromedaries, also known as Arabian camels, are commonly raised and bred in the Nafud desert, as well as other parts of Saudi Arabia. Dromedaries are well adapted to desert environments and have been domesticated for centuries, playing a vital role in the lives of people living in desert regions. In the Nafud Desert there are herds of dromedaries owned by local Bedouin tribes or nomadic communities.
How to get to the Nafud desert
The Nafud Desert is relatively accessible, with major roads connecting nearby towns and cities.
There are hotels probably in various settlements and cities across the Nafud desert, some bookable with the international hotel booking portals.
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