Al Qasab is a small city in the Najd region of Saudi Arabia, located about 150km northwest of the capital Riyadh. It consists of a modern settlement where most people live and the ruins of the ancient village to the west, where people used to live before they moved to the modern settlement. In this gallery there are images of the ancient village. Most houses are built with mud bricks and are abandoned. A few houses are restored. Although the city is essentially abandoned, the streets and public spaces are clean and well-kept. There is almost nothing in terms of tourist infrastructure, not even a visitor centre, although when I arrived (as a single traveller) some local person invited me to visit his house which apparently he had converted into a museum.
There is not much information about Al-Qasab in the web. On some websites there are references to salt extraction areas to the south of the city, but in a report a traveller writes that these are mainly industrial areas, not really relevant from a tourist perspective.
How to get to the Al Qasab
It's easy to drive to Al-Qasab from Riyadh (good road, 160km, 1:44 hours).
There is nothing in Al Qasab. It probably makes sense to stay in Riyadh or Shaqra (24 minutes by car from Al Qasab).
01 Al Qasab village
02 Alqaser mosque 03 Abandoned houses 04 Mud house ruins 05 Alley 06 Abandoned houses
07 Abandoned houses
08 Al Qasab village 09 Mud brick walls ruins
10 Traditional house 11 Traditional house 12 Wooden door 13 Mud house ruins 14 Al Qasab
15 Al Qasab village
16 Al Qasab village
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