A selection of photos taken around Lisboa (Lisbon) in early April 2002. We stopped at Queluz to visit the palace (which however was closed), then drove to Sintra where we visited the Palacio Nacional and the Palacio da Pena. After we took the small road along the hills to the coast, stopping in Seteais, Monserrate and Colares before reaching the windy Cabo da Roca, Europe's westernmost point. On the way back we passed through Guincho and Cascais.
Palacio Nacional is somehow interesting. It's of Moorish origins and was enlarged in the 15th century. Palacio da Pena, built in the 19th century, looks a bit like a Disneyland palace. Of these three palaces, the Queluz one seems to be the most interesting one. It reminds me a bit of Versailles.
01 Clock tower 02 Pousada de Dona Maria 03 Palacio de Queluz 04 Palacio de Queluz gardens 05 Palacio de Queluz gardens 06 Sintra
07 Sintra - Palacio Nacional 08 Sintra - Palacio Nacional 09 Sintra - Palacio Nacional 10 Sintra - Palacio Nacional
11 Sintra - Palacio Nacional 12 Sintra - Palacio da Pena 13 Sintra - Palacio da Pena 14 Seteais Palace 15 Monserrate Park
16 Monserrate Park 17 Monserrate Park 18 Cabo da Roca 19 Cabo da Roca 20 Cabo da Roca
21 Praia do Guincho 22 Praia do Guincho 23 Praia do Guincho
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