The castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork (Ordensburg Marienburg in German) dates back to the end of the 13th century, when a fortified monastery belonging to the Teutonic Order was substantially enlarged. The castle was used by the Teutonic Knights as their headquarter to control and rule their northern Baltic territories. The castle is located in Malbork in northern Poland, about 50km southeast of Gdansk and is the largest castle in the world with an area of 143591 m². The castle is completely built in brick Gothic style. It was completely restored after being substantially destroyed in World War II.
Malbork castle is a major tourist attraction in northern Poland. The interior is well preserved and includes a number of rooms with a characteristic central pillar structure. The castle has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.
How to get to the Malbork castle
Malbork can be easily reached by car or by train.
There are many hotels in and near Malbork, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Malbork castle 02 Malbork castle on Nogat river
03 Malbork castle 04 Church of St Lawrence 05 Church of St Lawrence 06 Brick gothic facade
07 Malbork castle tower 08 Eastern gate and tower 09 Malbork castle tower 10 Brick gothic facade 11 Brick gothic tower 12 Malbork castle detail
13 Malbork castle detail 14 Malbork castle
15 Malbork castle 16 Reed on Nogat river 17 Castle towers
18 Corner tower 19 Outer wall 20 Malbork castle 21 Malbork castle 22 Malbork castle
23 Malbork castle 24 Grandmasters palace 25 Malbork castle
26 Malbork castle 27 Malbork castle 28 Malbork castle 29 Eastern gate
30 Eastern gate square 31 Eastern gate 32 Gate 33 Inner court 34 Inner court
35 Inner court 36 Inner room 37 Inner room 38 Malbork castle interior 39 Inner room
40 Inner room 41 Main hall with central pillar 42 Main hall with central pillar 43 Inner court
44 Inner court 45 Inner court 46 Tower 47 Kitchen 48 Kitchen
49 Kitchen 50 Corridor 51 Corridor 52 Outer wall 53 Brick gothic tower 54 Brick gothic tower
55 Brick gothic building
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