Poland was ruled for over five centuries from the Wawel hill, where the royal castle, residence of the kings of Poland and the Wawel cathedral where the kings of Poland were crowned and buried, is located. The Wavel hill lies over the Vistula river, south of the Old Town square. The 14th century castle houses a number of museums which are open to the public. The Roman Catholic cathedral, also known as Basilica of Sts. Stanislaus and Wenceslaus, was first built in the 11th century and finally rebuilt in Gothic style in the 14th century.
01 Wawel complex 02 Wawel complex 03 Cathedral 04 Cathedral
05 Wawel complex 06 Cathedral tower 07 Wawel complex 08 Cathedral
09 Golden dome of cathedral 10 Inner court of castle 11 Castle passageway 12 Cathedral
13 Cathedral clock tower 14 Cathedral 15 Cathedral tower and statue 16 Wawel complex 17 Statue of Wawel dragon
18 Wawel on Vistula river at night 19 Wawel on Vistula river at night
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