St. Mary's Basilica, also known as the Mariacki church, lies at the northeastern end of the old town square. The church has been built in Gothic style with bricks between the 13th and 15th centuries. It is characteristic for its Romanesque towers which are of different heights and have different spires. The interior of the Mariachi church is impressively decorated with beautiful elements in every possible corner. The high wooden altar of Veit Stoss is famous.
01 St Mary basilica at night 02 St Mary basilica at night 03 St Mary basilica 04 St Mary basilica 05 Tip of the northern tower 06 Altar
07 High altar 08 Pulpit 09 Roof decorated with star sky 10 Church interior with high altar 11 Interior of the basilica 12 Interior of the basilica
13 Black altar 14 Crucifix 15 Altar 16 Altar 17 High altar 18 Roof decorated with star sky
19 Interior of the basilica 20 St Mary basilica towers 21 St Mary basilica
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