Gdansk is a major Polish city located in northern Poland on the Baltic coast, along the shores of the Motlawa river. It has 470000 inhabitants and is the major seaport of Poland. Gdansk has a mixed heritage. Originating as a Polish / Kashubian city, first officially mentioned in 997 AD, it was seized by the Teutonic knights in 1308 and joined the Hanseatic league in 1361. After 1454 Gdansk reverted to Polish rule, evolving into Poland's largest city. In 1793 Gdansk was annexed by Prussia, later becoming part of German empire. After World War II Gdansk became again part of Poland.
Gdansk has an interesting historic core, with several buildings in brick Gothic architecture, with a look similar to that of German cities around the Baltic sea. The Gdansk town hall and St Mary's church are the major landmarks of Gdansk. The Long Market and Dluga pedestrian areas have some of the more interesting architecture of the city. The historic core is quite large, extending for several hundred metres north and south of St Mary's church.
Immediately outside the historic core is a large and modern shopping mall, the Forum Gdansk. Clean and nicely set up, it's possible to spend hours shopping around or eating in the food court.
Gdansk is also suitable as a base from which to explore the surroundings, which include the Baltic coast and the castle of Malbork.
How to get to Gdansk
Gdansk has an international airport with flights to many European cities, a train station and a ferry harbour with a ferry to Sweden. It can also be reached by car.
There are countless accomodation options in Gdansk, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Town hall tower 02 Main town hall 03 Houses on long market square 04 Main town hall 05 Houses on long market square 06 Artus Court Junkerhof
07 Houses on long market square 08 Houses on long market square 09 Dluga pedestrian area 10 Houses on Dluga 11 Long market square
12 Dluga pedestrian area 13 Dluga pedestrian area 14 Dluga pedestrian area 15 Green gate 16 Artus Court Junkerhof 17 Artus Court and Neptune fountain
18 House facades on long market 19 Dluga pedestrian area 20 Dluga pedestrian area 21 Town hall tower 22 Town hall tower 23 Town hall tower
24 Town hall tower 25 Town hall tower 26 Town hall tower 27 Main town hall 28 Neptune fountain 29 Artus Court Junkerhof
30 Speymann house 31 Main town hall 32 Main town hall 33 Long market square 34 Green gate at night 35 View of long market through green gate
36 View of long market through green gate 37 Long market square 38 Main town hall 39 Main town hall 01 Half-timbered house 02 St John church
03 St John church 04 St John church 05 Goldwasser restaurant 06 Chlebnicka street at night 07 Stepped gable facade
08 House facades 09 Tkacka pedestrian area 10 Old Arsenal building 11 Old Arsenal building 12 Old Arsenal building
13 Old Arsenal building 14 Old Arsenal building 15 House of the Pelplin abbots 16 Internal security agency brick house 17 Remains of the Little Tower
18 Gdansk Shakespeare theatre 19 Remains of the Little Tower 20 Gdansk skyline
21 Coins house on Szeroka street 22 Four Quarters fountain 23 Four Quarters fountain 24 Brick house facade 25 Four Quarters fountain
26 Fruit stall 27 National bank of Poland 28 Pod Basztami restaurant 29 Podmurze street 01 Amber museum
02 Entrance hall with ticket counter 03 Entrance hall with ticket counter 04 Entrance hall with ticket counter 05 Raw pieces of amber 06 Amber pieces
07 Orange amber stones 08 Raw piece of amber 09 Raw piece of amber 10 Amber museum 11 Amber altar with Madonna
12 Amber candle holder 13 Amber chessboard 14 Amber chess pieces 15 Amber cabinet 16 Amber jewelry box
17 Amber jug 18 Amber jug 19 Showcase with amber items 20 Amber disk 21 Amber plate
22 Amber museum interior+ 01 Church gable with clock 02 Church gable details 03 Church gable details 04 Church tower 05 Church tower
06 View fromm Piwna street 07 St Mary chruch tower 08 Church tower 09 Church gable with clock 10 St Mary church
11 St Mary church 12 Church gable with clock 13 Tall windows 14 St Mary church
15 St Mary church 16 Church tower 17 Tall windows 18 Tower 19 Church tower
20 Western portal 21 Church tower 22 Central aisle and altar 23 Valentin von WInter memorial 24 Altar 25 Epitaph of Georg Wildtberger
26 Astronomical clock 27 Altar 28 Church interior 29 Church interior
30 Pipe organ 01 Hala targowa market hall 02 Hala targowa market hall 03 St Catherine church 04 St Catherine church 05 St Catherine church
06 Ratusz Staromiejski town hall 07 St Catherine church 08 Hala targowa market hall at night 09 Jacek tower 10 Hala targowa market hall at night 11 Hala targowa market hall at night
12 Tower of St Catherine church 13 Tower of St Catherine church 14 Hala targowa market hall at night 15 Jacek tower 01 Motlawa river
02 Motlawa river 03 Big panoramic wheel 04 Waterfront at night 05 Waterfront at night
06 Waterfront at night 07 Motlawa river 08 Medieval Krantor port crane 09 Motlawa river
10 Tourist boat on Motlawa river 11 Pedestrian bridge at night 12 Pedestrian bridge at night 13 Milk churn gate 14 Harbour cranes
15 Gdansk Polishness monument 01 Forum Gdansk shopping mall 02 Mall interior 03 Mall interior with Radunia canal
04 Mall interior 05 Big hall with Radunia canal 06 Forum Gdansk mall
07 Forum Gdansk shopping mall 08 Corridor with decorations 09 Corridor with decorations 10 Radunia canal
11 Radunia canal 12 Big hall with Radunia canal 13 Radunia canal 14 Forum Gdansk mall
15 Forum Gdansk shopping mall
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