Białystok is a city of 296000 inhabitants in northeastern Poland, 50km from the border to Belarus. It is the capital of the Podlasie province. Białystok dates back to 1320, when a settlement was founded in the area. It was granted city rights in 1692 by Polish King John III Sobieski. Between 1691 and 1697 the Branicki palace was built.
During World War II Białystok was to a large extent destroyed and later rebuilt.
The Branicki palace was developed by Jan Klemens Branicki, a Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth military commander. It includes a palace complex and a large palace garden with sculptures, pavilions and fountains and was modeled after the Versailles palace in France. The palace nowadays houses a medical university and two museums.
The Białystok cathedral (Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is a Roman Catholic cathedral built in brick Gothic style in 1905.
How to get to Białystok
Białystok has a train station, but no airport. The closest airport is the one in Warsaw, 200km from Białystok. Otherwise it is possible to reach the city by car.
There are a number of hotels and pensions in Białystok, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Branicki palace 02 Courtyard of the Branicki palace 03 Park garden of Branicki palace 04 Park garden of Branicki palace 05 Branicki palace
06 Branicki palace 07 Branicki palace 08 Branicki palace
09 Branicki palace 10 Branicki palace 11 Gazebo in Branicki palace garden 12 Bialystok cathedral 13 Bialystok cathedral
14 Kosciuszko market square 15 Kosciuszko market square
16 Masonic lodge building 17 Park garden of Branicki palace 18 Branicki palace roof 19 Park garden of Branicki palace
20 Main gate of Branicki palace 21 Main gate of Branicki palace 22 Fountain of Branicki palace 23 Main gate and pond of Branicki palace 24 Main gate of Branicki palace
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