The Bialowieza forest (Białowieża in Polish characters) is a primeval forest in eastern Poland, located along the border to Belarus. It contains the Białowieża national park, a protected area of 105 km², accessible from the village of Białowieża. The Białowieża forest has been a World Heritage site since 1979 and covers a total area of 1419 km².
Tourists are only allowed to visit the forest if accompanied by a registered guide. When visiting the forest we noticed that the forest looked similar to forests near Munich, i.e. it didn't look like a very special place. Perhaps the part of the forest which is open for tourists is a relatively new forest, while older parts are closed for tourists.
In the Bialowieza forest there is a population of European bisons, which have been reintroduced into the wild in the 20th century, after the local population had been exterminated.
How to get to the Bialowieza forest
There is no airport. The only way to reach the Bialowieza forest is to drive by car or take a train.
The village of Bialowieza is a popular tourist destination and has several hotels and pensions, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 St John the Baptist blue church in Pasynki 02 St John the Baptist blue church in Pasynki 03 St John the Baptist blue church in Pasynki 04 St John the Baptist blue church in Pasynki 05 Forest tarpan horses
06 Forest tarpan horse 07 Forest tarpan horse 08 Forest tarpan horse 09 St Nicholas Orthodox church 10 St Nicholas Orthodox church
11 Palace park 12 Palace park 13 European elk 14 European elk 15 European elk
16 Sleeping wild boar 17 Sleeping wild boar 18 European bison 19 Grazing European bison
20 European bison 21 European bisons 22 European bisons 23 European bisons
24 Grazing European bison 25 European bison 26 Grazing European bison 27 European bisons
28 European bison show reserve entrance 29 European bison show reserve 30 Wooden villa with garden 31 Pond in Palace Park
32 Pond in Palace Park 33 St Nicholas Orthodox church 34 St Nicholas Orthodox church 35 Palace park 36 Palace park
37 Museum in palace park 38 Palace park 39 Tourist guide walking towards Bialowieza forest 40 Tourists walking towards Bialowieza forest 41 Bialowieza forest
42 Bialowieza forest 43 Tourists walking towards Bialowieza forest 44 Stork 45 Tourist guide at Bialowieza forest checkpoint 46 Bialowieza forest
47 Trail in Bialowieza forest 48 Trail in Bialowieza forest 49 Trail in Bialowieza forest 50 Bialowieza forest 51 Trail in Bialowieza forest
52 Plankway in in Bialowieza forest 53 Plankway in in Bialowieza forest 54 Bialowieza forest 55 Bialowieza forest 56 Bialowieza forest 57 Bialowieza forest
58 Elaphocordyceps ophioglossoides black mushrooms 59 Elaphocordyceps ophioglossoides black mushrooms 60 Bialowieza forest 61 Bialowieza forest 62 Big oak tree
63 Trail in Bialowieza forest 64 Fallen tree trunk 65 Dead 450 years old oak 66 Bialowieza forest 67 Bialowieza forest
68 Bialowieza forest 69 Bialowieza forest 70 Bialowieza forest 71 Bialowieza forest 72 Bialowieza forest
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