Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a bustling city with a rich history and diverse culture. Originally a Malay settlement, it flourished under Spanish colonial rule, leaving behind landmarks like Intramuros. Today, it's a hub of commerce, finance, and culture, with a mix of Spanish colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers.
Situated on Manila Bay, the city offers scenic waterfront views and green spaces amidst urbanization. Its economy thrives on industries like finance, manufacturing, and services, attracting international investment and trade.
The city's cultural diversity is reflected in its cuisine, blending traditional Filipino dishes with international flavors. Tourists flock to explore landmarks like Intramuros, Manila Cathedral, and San Agustin Church (a UNESCO world heritage site), while Makati City offers modern attractions and vibrant nightlife.
Manila also serves as a gateway to the Philippines' natural wonders, including pristine beaches and lush rainforests. With its blend of history, culture, and urban sophistication, Manila offers visitors a captivating experience of the Philippines' vibrant spirit in a dynamic cityscape.
How to get to Manila
The simplest way to reach Manila is by plane. The Ninoy Aquino international airport is located about 10km south of the city centre.
There are many hotels and other accomodation options, most bookable via the hotel booking portals.
01 Gate to Fort Santiago area 02 Fort Santiago
03 Fort Santiago moat 04 Fort Santiago 05 Fort Santiago 06 Fort Santiago
07 Fort Santiago 08 Fort Santiago 09 Fort Santiago 10 Fort Santiago
11 Horse carriage 12 Horse carriages 13 Manila cathedral 14 Manila cathedral 15 Manila cathedral
16 King Charles IV monument 17 Palacio del Gobernador 18 Binondo church 19 Binondo church 20 Religious mural painting
21 Manila airport 22 Manila airport 23 Mall of Asia Xmas tree 24 St. John Paul II chapel 25 National museum of the Philippine people
26 National museum of the Philippine people 27 National museum of anthropology 28 Pigeon houses in Rizal park 29 Pigeon houses in Rizal park 30 Rizal park
31 Jose Rizal monument 32 Philippines flag in Rizal park 33 Yellow hibiscus flowers 34 Yellow hibiscus flowers 35 Jose Rizal monument
36 Jose Rizal monument 37 Rizal park 38 Rizal park 39 Jose Rizal monument 40 Rizal park
41 Intramuros 42 Department of labour and employment 43 Intramuros 44 Intramuros
45 Intramuros 46 Intramuros 47 San Agustin church 48 San Agustin church interior 49 San Agustin church interior
50 San Agustin church interior 51 San Agustin church interior 52 San Agustin church interior 53 San Agustin church interior 54 San Agustin church interior
55 Manila cathedral 56 Manila cathedral 57 Manila cathedral 58 Jones bridge 59 Pasig river 60 Chinese cemetery
61 Chinese cemetery 62 Chinese cemetery 63 Chinese cemetery 64 Chinese cemetery
65 Chinese cemetery 66 Chinese cemetery 67 Robinsons Place shopping mall 68 Robinsons Place shopping mall 69 Robinsons Place shopping mall
70 Robinsons Place shopping mall
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