The Calamian islands, a pristine archipelago in the Philippines, is a gem nestled in the northern part of Palawan. This group of islands, including the renowned Busuanga and Coron, is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and rich biodiversity. The Calamianes, as they are collectively known, offer a blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage that makes them a prime destination for travellers seeking both adventure and tranquility.
Busuanga, the largest island in the group, serves as the gateway to the archipelago. It is known for its rugged terrain, dotted with rolling hills, lush forests, and extensive mangrove swamps. The island's waters are a haven for divers, with a plethora of World War II shipwrecks lying beneath the surface. These underwater relics, teeming with marine life, provide a unique and thrilling experience for diving enthusiasts from around the globe.
Coron, perhaps the most famous of the Calamian Islands, is renowned for its stunning lagoons, turquoise lakes, and towering limestone cliffs. Coron island, distinct from Coron town on Busuanga, is home to the iconic Kayangan Lake, often dubbed the cleanest lake in the Philippines. The island's dramatic karst landscapes and crystal-clear waters create a postcard-perfect setting that attracts photographers, nature lovers, and adventurers alike. Additionally, Coron is a hotspot for snorkeling and diving, offering vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine ecosystems.
Beyond their natural allure, the Calamian Islands are steeped in history and culture. The indigenous Tagbanwa people, who have inhabited these islands for centuries, contribute to the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Their traditions, sustainable fishing practices, and deep connection to the land and sea provide visitors with a glimpse into the harmonious way of life that has sustained them for generations.
How to get to the Calamian islands
The simplest way is to fly to the airport of Busuanga. Alternatively, there are ferries to El Nido.
01 Aeroplane in Busuanga airport 02 Busuanga airport 03 Travel operators waiting for tourists in Busuanga airport
04 Xmas tree in Coron town 05 Harbour in Coron town 06 Boatsman in Coron town harbour
07 Baia Serena resort Coron 08 Baia Serena resort Coron 09 Uson island 10 Coron bay
11 Tourist boat 12 Tourists on boat 13 Boatsman pulling anchor 14 Filipino boatsman in Coron bay
15 Coron island 16 Coron island 17 Tourist boat on Coron island 18 Coron island
19 Coron island 20 Coron island 21 Coron island 22 Coron island 23 Coron island
24 Coron island 25 Coron island 26 Kayangan lake bay 27 Kayangan lake bay
28 Kayangan lake bay 29 Kayangan lake bay 30 Staircase to Kayangan lake 31 Kayangan bay in Coron 32 Kayangan bay in Coron
33 Kayangan bay in Coron 34 Kayangan bay in Coron 35 Kayangan bay in Coron 36 Kayangan lake
37 Kayangan lake 38 Kayangan lake 39 Kayangan lake 40 Kayangan lake
41 Kayangan lake 42 Kayangan lake 43 Kayangan lake 44 Harbour in Coron town
45 Tourist boat 46 Malcapuya island 47 Malcapuya island 48 Malcapuya island
49 Ditaytayan island 50 Beach on Ditaytayan island 51 Beach on Ditaytayan island 52 Ditaytayan island
53 Beach on Ditaytayan island 54 Beach on Ditaytayan island 55 Beach on Ditaytayan island
56 Beach on Ditaytayan island 57 Beach on Ditaytayan island 58 Beach on Ditaytayan island 59 Beach on Ditaytayan island
60 Beach on Ditaytayan island 61 Beach on Ditaytayan island 62 Beach on Ditaytayan island 63 Beach on Ditaytayan island
64 Malcapuya island 65 Malcapuya island 66 Malcapuya island
67 Malcapuya island beach 68 Malcapuya island beach 69 Coconut palm trees on Malcapuya island
70 Malcapuya island beach 71 Malcapuya island beach 72 Malcapuya island beach
73 Malcapuya island beach 74 Malcapuya island 75 Malcapuya island beach 76 Malcapuya island beach
77 Double outrigger canoes on Malcapuya island 78 Double outrigger canoes on Malcapuya island 79 Double outrigger canoe on Malcapuya island 80 Double outrigger canoe on Malcapuya island
81 Malcapuya island beach 82 Malcapuya island beach 83 Malcapuya island beach 84 Malcapuya island beach with tourist boats
85 Tourust boats on Malcapuya island 86 Tampel island 87 Tampel island 88 Pier on Tabmon island
89 Pier on Tabmon island 90 Double outrigger canoe 91 Double outrigger canoe 92 Coron island
93 Sunset on Uson island 94 Sunset on Uson island 95 Busuanga airport
96 Busuanga airport
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