The northern tip of the Musandam peninsula consists of long fjords, which extend into the land for up to 20km. In contrast to the Norwegian fjords which were formed by glaciers extending into the sea and then retreating, these fjords are caused by the land which is slowly sinking into the sea, because the Arabian plate is pushing under the Eurasian plate. The fjords are accessible with boat trips from both Khasab and Dibba, although the fjords near Khasab are more scenic. Several tour operators offer these trips, which are made on comfortable boats and include lunch, drinks and tea. Near Telegraph island tourists can snorkel in the sea.
01 Khasab bay 02 Tourist boat
03 Rugged coastline 04 Rugged coastline
05 Steep cliffs 06 Mountains and sea
07 Mountains and sea 08 Tourist boat near Telegraph island 09 Snorkelling tourists 10 Staircase on Telegraph island
11 Fjord 12 Blue sea and rocks 13 Sedimentary rocks
14 Sedimentary rocks 15 Sedimentary rocks 16 Mountains and sea
17 Skipper on boat 18 Layered rocks 19 Mountains and sea 20 Sedimentary rocks and mountains
21 Tourist boat 22 Tourist boat 23 Mountains and sea
24 Fishermen village 25 Fishermen village 26 Bent sedimentary rock
27 Steep cliffs 28 Tourist boat 29 Pillows and carpet on boat 30 Skipper
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