With its countless bays, promontories, long sea arms and mountains the coastline of Musandam is very scenic. Only part of it is accessible via land, as there are few roads. Khor Najed (or Khor Najd or Khur Najid) is a long fjord accessible either via boat or by car from Khasab. The last section of the road is a gravel road currently (2014) being converted to a sealed road. Except for a few boats, there isn't much in Khor Najed. Along the coastal road to the Emirates there are a few good beaches, mostly deserted and some scenic spots. Overall the region is beautiful.
01 Gravel road to Khor Najed 02 Khor Najd 03 Khor Najd bay
04 Khor Najd mountains 05 Khor Najed bay
06 See and cliffs in Khor Najed
07 Khor Najd
08 Qida bay
09 Coastal road to Khasab 10 Bay 11 Cliffs
12 Coastal road to Khasab 13 Al Jadi beach 14 Al Jadi beach
15 Al Jadi beach 16 Cliffs in Al Jadi
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