Mughsail is a 40km drive to the west from Salalah. The road to it consists mostly of motorway or straight empty road with few curves. In Mughsail there are no shops or cafes, except for a petrol station at the western end of the beach, where it is possible to buy some groceries. Mughsail is mainly a beach, around 5km long, consisting of white coral sand, with clear seawater. It's a very empty and peaceful place. The beach is not as nice as the one in Salalah, because it is less wide (mountain cliffs very close to the sea). There are some birds along the beach in a number of spots.
01 Dromedary camel on beach 02 Pond with birds 03 Heron 04 Beach
05 Fishermen boats on beach 06 Seagulls on beach 07 Seagulls on beach 08 Promontory
09 Beach and mountains 10 Beach and mountains 11 Beach and mountains
12 Beach and mountains 13 Beach and mountains
14 Beach and mountains 15 Beach and mountains
16 Beach at sunset 17 Beach at sunset 18 Beach at sunset 19 Beach at sunset
20 Beach at sunset 21 Beach at sunset 22 Beach at sunset
23 Beach at sunset
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