Ain Hamran (also known as Ayn Hamran) is a water spring near Zufār in Dhofar, at 90m bove sea level and 10km northwest of Salalah. Taqah is a small city of 20000 inhabtants located along the coast 23km east of Salalah. The local economy depends mainly on fishing and agriculture. The local highlight is a 250 years old fort, which was renovated in 1994 and is open to the public. The other highlight is a long beach of white sand. The fishermen villge of Mirbat lies 70km east of Salalah along the coast. In the 10th century Mirbat was a significant centre for the trade of frankincense. The tomb of Nabi Ayoub (tomb of Job) lies on a mountain a few km north of Salalah. It is the resting place of Islam’s renowned prophet, Nabi Ayoub. The Ain Jarziz (Ain Gargiz) spring lies a few km north of Salalah. It's basically a recreational area with a large parking and a water spring. In the Khareef season the entire area is green and full of vegetation.
01 Ain Hamran spring 02 Ain Hamran spring 03 Ain Hamran spring 04 Ain Hamran spring
05 Ain Hamran spring 06 Goats drinking water 07 Herdsman and herd 08 Dromedary crossing street
09 Dromedaries 10 Children playground in Taqah 11 Taqah beach
12 Taqah beach 13 Taqah beach 14 Taqah beach 15 The sea in Taqah
16 Taqah castle 17 Taqah castle 18 Taqah castle 19 Taqah castle 20 Shops in Taqah
21 Taqah mosque 22 Taqah mosque 23 Dromedaries 24 Dromedaries
25 Mirbat bay 26 Mirbat 27 Mirbat fishermen
28 Mirbat bay 29 Fishing boats in Mirbat
30 Fishing boats in Mirbat 31 Mirbat bay
32 Fishing boats in Mirbat 33 Fishing boats in Mirbat 34 Argemone mexicana 35 Tomb of Nabi Ayoub
36 Tomb of Nabi Ayoub 37 Tomb of Nabi Ayoub 38 Ain Jarziz spring 39 Ain Jarziz car parking
40 Ain Jarziz spring
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