Tromsø is a city of 65000 inhabitants located on an island (Tromsøya) along the Norwegian coast, 1600 km north of Oslo and 350 km north of the Polar Arctic circle. Tromsø is the largest city in northern Norway and the third largest city worldwide north of the Arctic circle. It's a convenient point where to break the journey between the Lofoten islands and the North Cape and a good basis from which to explore the region.
The area around Tromsø has been settled since prehistoric times. During the Middle Ages Tromsø was the northernmost Norwegian city, at the border to the area settled by the Sami people. The first Christian church on the island of Tromsøya was built in 1252. In the 19th century Tromsø was a major centre for Arctic hunting and trade and later the starting point for several Arctic expeditions. During World War II Tromsø was not destroyed.
From a touristic perspective Tromsø does not have too many sights. There are a few churches, of which the Tromsø cathedral and the modern Arctic cathedral are the most interesting ones. Hurtigruten boats running along the Bergen-Kirkenes route stop in Tromsø.
How to get to Tromsø
Tromsø can be reached by car, plane (there is an airport) and by boat, but not by train.
Hotels in Tromsø are quite pricey. Alternatively it's possible to book accomodation with private indidivuals using AirBnB.

01 Tromsoe cathedral 02 Tromsø cathedral 03 Tromsoe cathedral 04 Cathedral square
05 Ishavskatedralen 06 Arctic cathedral 07 Cathedral of Our Lady 08 Ishavskatedralen 09 Arctic cathedral
10 Ishavskatedralen 11 Arctic cathedral 12 Ishavskatedralen 13 Arctic cathedral 14 Stained glass window in arctic cathedral 15 Stained glass window in arctic cathedral
16 Pipe organ in arctic cathedral 17 Arctic cathedral interior 18 Arctic cathedral interior 19 Stained glass window in arctic cathedral 20 Arctic cathedral interior 21 Tromsoe cathedral
22 Tromsoe cathedral interior 23 Tromsoe cathedral interior 24 Stained glass window in Tromsø cathedral 25 Tromsoe cathedral interior 26 Tromsoe cathedral interior
27 Tromsø cathedral 01 Nerstranda shopping mall 02 Nerstranda Senter mall 03 Cathedral square 04 Quality hotel Saga
05 Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum 06 Harbour area 07 Tourist shop Tromso 08 Tromsø Sparebank head office 09 Hurtigruten ship in Tromso harbour
10 Statue of mother and child 11 Harbour area 12 Hurtigruten ship 13 Sweater shop 14 Hurtigruten ship
15 Storgata street 16 Clarion hotel The Edge 17 Skarven seafood restaurant 18 Seagull 19 Seagull
20 Nerstranda shopping mall 21 Bibliotek library 01 Arctic–Alpine botanic garden 02 Pink flowers 03 Saxifraga apiculata
04 Saxifraga apiculata 05 Arctic–Alpine botanic garden 06 Delphinium speciosum flowers 07 Purple fireweed wildflowers 08 Meconopsis speciosa flowers
09 Arctic–Alpine botanic garden 10 Plant 11 Pink Echinops flower 12 White flowers 13 White flowers
14 Arctic–Alpine botanic garden 15 Primula vialii flowers 16 Purple flowers 17 Blue Campanula flowers 18 Yellow buttercup flower
19 Yellow buttercup flower 20 White flowers 21 Pink lilies 22 Purple flowers 23 Purple flowers
01 Tromso harbour
02 Tromso harbour
03 Tromso strait 04 Mobile communications antenna
05 Floyfjellet mountain 06 Tromsoe strait 07 Mountains around Tromsoe
08 Floyfjellet mountain 09 Storsteinen cable car station 10 Tromso island and mountains 11 Paragliders
12 Paragliders 13 Tromsoe bridge 14 Storsteinen cable car station 15 Fjellheisen cable car
16 Fjellheisen cable car 17 Tromso harbour 18 Tromso bridge 19 Storsteinen cable car station
20 Mountain trail to Tromso 21 Mountain trail to Tromso 22 Nordfjellet mountain 23 Trekkers climbing to Storsteinen 24 Tromsoe bridge
25 Tromsdalen 26 Tromso
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