Around Ersfjord, in one of the northern peninsulas of Senja there is a picturesque bay surrounded by mountains. There is a long and beautiful white sand beach, very peaceful and suitable for families with kids. On a sunny day in summer the contrast is striking, because while people swim in the sea, right behind the beach there are snow-covered mountain slopes.
01 Tebbeltuva mountain 02 Tebbeltuva mountain
03 Ersfjord beach 04 Beach 05 Ersfjord beach
06 Beach 07 Ersfjord beach 08 Hatten mountain 09 Hatten mountain 10 Tebbeltuva mountain
11 Beach 12 Ersfjord beach
13 Hatten mountain with snow 14 Beach 15 Ersfjord beach 16 Ersfjord
17 Ersfjord
18 Ersfjord
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