The North Cape tourist area is on a plateau along the northern coast of Mager√łya island, at 307m above sea level. It is not the northernmost point of Mager√łya island (that would be Knivskjellodden cape, but probably North VCape was choosen because it is more suitable to receive large number of tourists. North Cape has a large parking area and some tourist facilities (the North Cape hall, a visitor centre built in 1988 on the plateau which includes a cafe, a restaurant, a post office, a souvenir shop and a museum). From the North Cape there are great views of the Barents sea.
01 Parking area at midnight 02 Camper vans parked 03 Camper vans parked 04 Parking area
05 Nort Cape parking area at midnight 06 North Cape at midnight 07 North Cape at midnight 08 North Cape hall
09 North Cape area at midnight 10 North Cape coast and cliffs 11 North Cape globe 12 Coastline with Knivskjellodden cape
13 North Cape globe 14 North Cape globe
15 North Cape area at midnight
16 North Cape hall at midnight 17 North Cape globe 18 North Cape globe 19 North Cape globe
20 North Cape at midnight 21 North Cape coast and cliffs 22 North Cape at midnight 23 North Cape coast and cliffs
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