In this photo gallery you'll find pictures of the Intha, the people who live around lake Inle. The Intha originate from Tavoy in Southern Myanmar. In addition to being accomplished fishermen and market gardeners, they are also skilled metalworkers, weavers and carpenters. The gallery also contains a few images of long neck people. These are ladies who originate from Southeast Myanmar and spend the tourist season at lake Intha posing for the tourists.
01 Fisherman 02 Boat 03 Fisherman 04 Intha people
05 Boatmen 06 Boatmen 07 Intha people preparing fish 08 Fisherman
09 Fisherman 10 Intha people 11 Schoolchildren 12 Intha people
13 Intha people 14 Intha children 15 Inle lake lady 16 Long neck Padaung women and children 17 Long neck Padaung woman
18 Long neck Padaung woman 19 Long neck Padaung girl
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