The Hassan II mosque was completed in 1989 to celebrate the 60th birthday of King Hassan II of Morocco. It lies on a promontory along the coast, mainly on reclaimed land. It is the second largest mosque in the world and has room inside for 25000 worshippers. The mosque is beautifully decorated, both externally and internally.
01 Colonnade 02 Mosque and esplanade 03 Mosque and esplanade 04 Mosque and esplanade 05 Minaret
06 Minaret 07 Minaret 08 Colonnade and inner court 09 Gate 10 Gate 11 Gate
12 Islamic pattern mosaic 13 Islamic patterns 14 Islamic patterns 15 Islamic pattern mosaic 16 Islamic pattern mosaic 17 Main entrance
18 Mosque interior with ornamental pillars 19 Decorated pillar detail 20 Mosque interior with ornamental pillars 21 Upper level with wooden grid 22 Decorated cupola
23 Decorated pillar detail 24 Inner court 25 Inner court and gate 26 Colonnade 27 Colonnade and inner court
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