Kosrae, also known as Kusaie, is a mountaineous island in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean, and a state of the Federated States of Micronesia. It has a land area of 110 kmē and a population of 7400 people. Kosrae has lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and a stunning marine life with several coral reefs surrounding the island. All photos of the Kosrae gallery were taken by Katrina Adams, who runs a resort on the island.
01 Plumeria Blossom Overlooking the Harbour 02 Plumeria Blossoms Backlit by the Sun 03 White Ginger 04 Plumeria Blossom Close Up 05 Plumeria Flowers
01 Children Playing on the Forest Road 02 Two Boys Watching Canoe Racing 03 Family Preparing a Traditional Meal 04 Schoolboys playing in the ancient Lelu ruins 01 Landing Approach with a View of the Reef
02 Afternoon Light Create Beautiful Patterns on The Reef Flat 03 Roadside Market Window and bananas 04 Finkol River in the Afternoon Light 05 Kayaker Passing Beneath a Huge Mangrove Tree Covered in Ferns 06 Panorama Sipyen Stream Rush Through the Rainforest
07 Kosrae Village Thatched Beach Front Cottage 08 Remote Village from the Harbour 09 Traditional Outrigger Canoe in the Harbour Facing Mt Finkol 10 Harbour at Dusk with Background Mountains 01 Bennetts Butterfly Cruises Over the Reef
02 Threadfin Butterfly and Purple Queen Anthias Swim Over the Reef 03 Holothurians (Sea Cucumbers) Dancing in the Night Currents 04 Flame Angel Dancing in the Sun 05 Christmas Tree Worms Colonize Porites Coral 06 A Typical Reef Scene
07 A Truly Magnificent Anemone 08 Blue on Grey Anthias over Coral Available Light 09 Crown of Thorns Sea star Eating Brain Coral 10 Chromis Moorish Idols Surgeon and Butterfly fish Swim Over Staghorn Coral 11 Spinner Dolphins Playing in the Ocean
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