The Ulu Muda forest reserve is host to a number of large mammals, including the Asiatic elephant (Elephas maximus), the Malaysian tapir (Tapirud indicus), the barking deer (Muntiacus muntjak), the sambar deer (Cervus unicolor), the gaur or seladang (Bos gaurus hubback), the wild pig (Sus scrofa), the panther (Panthera pardus) and the clouded leopard (Neofilis nebulosa). Tigers have not been recorded yet, although it's likely that they have been roaming the reserve in the past. Spotting large mammals however is not easy, because they are few and spread over a large area, so it's entirely possible spending several days in the reserve and seeing none of them (as happened to me during the four days I spent there). It's however easy to spot insects and birds, including several hornbill species.
Spread across the Ulu Muda reserve there are more than 15 salt licks ("sira" in local language) where animals come to get the minerals they need to complement their diet. These siras are good places where to spot larger mammals, as proven by the photos captured by automatic cameras placed in them.
01 Leech 02 Looking for the elephants 03 Elephant meadow 04 Millipede 05 Millipede
06 Lantern bugs 07 Lantern bugs 08 Lantern bugs 09 Lantern bugs 10 Grasshopper
11 Green insect 12 Plain-pouched hornbills 13 Plain-pouched hornbill 14 Plain-pouched hornbills
15 Plain-pouched hornbills 16 Swarm of plain-pouched hornbills 17 Swarm of plain-pouched hornbills 18 Plain-pouched hornbills
19 Plain-pouched hornbills 20 Plain-pouched hornbills 21 Swarm of plain-pouched hornbills 22 Termites
23 Termites
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