This photo gallery contains a selection of pictures of Langkawi's northern coast and beaches. Pasir Tengkorak is a nice public beach lying halfway between the Datai and Black Sand beaches. The Datai beach is an exclusive, almost off-limits beach in the extreme western corner of Langkawi's northern coast. The Datai bay golf club is one of the four golf courses in Langkawi.
In the middle of Langkawi's northern coast lies the Black Sand beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam), named after its black sand. A couple of Km to the east lies Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi's best beach.
01 Path to Pasir Tengkorak beach 02 Pasir Tengkorak beach 03 Seawater in Pasir Tengkorak beach 04 Pasir Tengkorak beach 05 Datai Bay golf club
06 Datai beach 07 Datai beach 08 Seawater in Datai beach 09 Datai beach 10 Datai beach
11 View over the Datai bay and the Datai hotel 12 Black sand beach - Pantai Pasir Hitam 13 Tanjung Rhu beach 14 Tanjung Rhu beach 15 Tanjung Rhu beach
16 Seawater in Tanjung Rhu beach 17 Tanjung Rhu beach 18 Sunset in Tanjung Rhu beach
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