The Bujang valley is a historical site in southern Kedah on the slopes of Mt Jerai, not far from the coast. Here there are the remains of an ancient hindu-Buddhist civilisation dating back to over 2500 years. Relics and ruins have been found over an area of 224 kmĀ². Tourists usually visit the Bujang valley archaeological museum near Merbok. This lies in a compound with a parking and is reachable by car. Inside the compound are the ruins of ancient temples (candis) which have been relocated here from elsewhere in the valley.
01 Access road 02 Granite block 03 Candi Pandiat temple
04 Candi Pandiat temple 05 Bukit Batu Pahat temple 06 Stone floor
07 Bukit Batu Pahat temple 08 Bukit Batu Pahat temple
09 Bukit Batu Pahat temple 10 Pengkalan Bujang temple
11 Bukit Batu Pahat temple 12 Bendang Dalam temple
13 Bendang Dalam temple 14 Bendang Dalam temple
15 Bendang Dalam temple 16 Bendang Dalam temple
17 Bujiang valley site
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