Photos of large and unusual insects, who live in the jungles of Malaysia. These include moths, butterflies, the Chalcosoma Caucasus giant beetle with the long horns, another giant beetle, giant millipedes, leaf insects, stick insects and a giant grasshopper. The leaf insect, stick insect, giant grasshopper and the leaf frog all have a special appeareance which allows them to easily hide in their environment and escape predators.
01 Moth 02 Butterfly 03 Chalcosoma Caucasus 04 Male and female Chalcosoma Caucasus
05 Giant beetle 06 Giant millipede 07 Leaf insect 08 Couple of leaf insects 09 Leaf insect
10 Leaf insect 11 Leaf insect 12 Stick insect 13 Stick insect 14 Leaf frog
15 Heteropteryx dilatata (Stick insect) 16 Heteropteryx dilatata (Stick insect)
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