The Similajau national park lies about 30km north of Bintulu in Sarawak. It extends along the coast for 30km in north-south direction. The park was opened to the public in 1978 and has an area of 70 sq km. The outstanding feature of this park is the beautiful coastline, with long unspoiled sandy beaches broken only by rocky headlands and freshwater streams. The park headquarters is located at the southern end of the park. From here a number of trails start, all prooceding parallel to the coast. Accommodation is available in the park near the park headquarters. The park does not receive many visitors, because it is not well known.
01 Jungle trail 02 Dipterocarp tree 03 Jungle trail 04 River 05 Jungle trail 06 Creek 07 Jungle trail
08 River 01 Beach with rocks 02 Golden sand 03 Creek estuary and sand bank
04 Beach with rocks 05 Rainforest on rock formation 06 Bay with rainforest 07 Rainforest and sea
08 Creek estuary 09 Beach and sea 10 Beach and sea 11 Hermit crab on sand 12 Beach and sea
13 Trees on beach 14 Beach and sea 15 Beach and sea 16 Trees on beach
17 Rainforest and sea 18 Rainforest on rocky outcrop 19 Rainforest and sea
20 Bay and rainforest 21 Rainforest and sea 22 Beach and sea 23 Beach and sea
24 Crab hole and sand balls 25 Beach and sunset 26 Beach and sunset
27 Beach and sunset 01 Rock formation and creek estuary 02 Coral rock formation
03 Rocky coast 04 Coral rock formation 05 Rock formations 06 Sand and rocks
07 Rocky coast 08 Coral rock formation 09 Rock formations 10 Rock formations
11 Coral rock formation 12 Coral rock formation 13 Rock formations 14 Rock formations
01 Beach lake 02 Beach lake 03 Beach
04 Beach 05 Beach 06 Beach 07 Rainforest on beach
08 Beach lake and sand 09 Beach lake and sand 10 Reflections on water and sand 11 Reflections on water and sand
12 Reflections on water and sand 13 Layered sand bank 14 Stream outlet on beach
15 Stream outlet on beach 16 Stream outlet on beach
17 Layered sand bank 18 Beach 19 Sand and rainforest 20 Trees
21 Wild palm on beach 22 Pandanus fruit 23 Wild boar tracks on beach 24 Turtle beach
25 Beach and rocks
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