The Mulu national park, situated in Malaysian state of Sarawak in Borneo, is the most significant national park in east Malaysia. Encompassing lush rainforests, jagged limestone peaks, and an extensive cave system, Mulu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a testament to its natural magnificence.
Mulu is mainly known for its remarkable caves, among the largest and most awe-inspiring in the world. The Sarawak Chamber, found in the Deer Cave, holds the title of the world's largest cave chamber by area, while the Clearwater Cave System mesmerizes explorers with its intricate network of passages and underground rivers.
But Mulu also has a rich biodiversity. Towering trees, orchids, and carnivorous pitcher plants thrive here, while various species of birds, primates, and bats call this biodiverse haven home.
A network of forest trails starts from the park headquarters and extends into the rainforest.
01 MasWings ATR72 plane in Mulu airport 02 Mulu airport 03 Tropical rainforest
04 White cliffs dear deer cave 05 Waiting area for bats observation near deer cave 06 Bats flying in the sky 07 Bats flying in the sky
08 Bats flying in the sky 09 Bats flying in the sky 10 Bats flying in the sky 11 Bats flying in the sky
12 Bats flying in the sky 13 Bats flying in the sky 14 Bats flying in the sky 15 Green chameleon 16 Green chameleon
17 Dipterocarp tree 18 Tropical rainforest 19 Canopy walk 20 Tropical rainforest 21 Canopy walk 22 Tropical rainforest
23 Palm 24 Ferns 25 Lizard 26 Lizard 27 Gardens near Mulu park headquarters
28 Gardens near Mulu park headquarters 29 Cheilocostus speciosus flower 30 aza 31 Green chameleon 32 Green chameleon
33 Melinau Paku river 34 Boat trip on Melinau river 35 Melinau Paku river 36 Melinau Paku river 37 Melinau Paku river
38 Trees on white cliffs 39 Staircase to Lagang cave 40 Lagang cave 41 Cave snake 42 Lagang cave
43 Stream in Lagang cave with white crab 44 Black swiftlet birds 45 Fern 46 Gardens near Mulu park headquarters 47 Banana flower 48 Dipterocarp tree
49 Dipterocarp tree 50 Dipterocarp tree 51 Banana flower and butterfly 52 Banana flower and butterfly
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