The Nanga Mengkak Engkari longhouse is located along the Engkari river, a tributary of the Batang Ai reservoir. The long house was set up in the late 1980s, when due to the flooding of the area, the local Iban communities had to be relocated. As a consequence it is not built with original materials. This is the longhouse which typically receives the tours arranged by local operators, i.e. this is the longhouse tourists visiting the area on a package get to see. The Nanga Mengkak Engkari longhouse has comfortable living quarters for 37 families, with TVs, satellite dishes, washing machines etc. The only original thing which has remained is the longhouse layout, and the tradition of a community of living together under a chief (sort of a local king, because the new chief is the son of the current chief).
01 Jetty and staircase 02 Iban longhouse 03 Longhouse settlement 04 Longhouse interior
05 Kitchen 06 Longhouse interior 07 Iban dancer 08 Iban dancer 09 Jetty and boats
10 Jetty and boats
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