The Tabin wildlife reserve consists of 11% of primary dipterocarp rainforest, while the rest is secondary rainforest. Overall the forest is not as nice as the forest near the Borneo rainforest lodge, mainly because the trees are not as tall and majestic as in the Danum valley.
A number of forest trails start and end at the Tabin wildlife resort. The shortest is 80m long, the longest 2.8km. The trails are well marked, i.e. it is possible to walk alone without getting lost, but the trail quality is not very good. I didn't see any leeches when visiting. The trails are limited to a small area at the western end of the Tabin wildlife reserve. Getting deep into the reserve either is not possible or requires special equipment and organisation.
01 Rock pool 02 Lipad river 03 Suspension bridge over Lipad river 04 Jungle trail 05 Jungle trail 06 Jungle trail
07 Lipad river 08 Vegetation 09 Lipad river 10 Tree trunk 11 Lipad river 12 Hibiscus rosa sinensis flower
13 Jungle trail 14 Jungle trail 15 Mouse deer 16 Treetops 17 Rainforest and treetops
18 Western border of Tabin reserve 19 Tropical rainforest 20 Tropical rainforest 21 Treetops
22 Western border of Tabin reserve
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