Semporna is a small town on the coast in southeast Sabah, in the Tawau division. The town itself is unspectacular, but is relevant for tourists as the gateway to the nearby islands in the south Celebes sea. These include among others Sibuan, Mabul and Sipadan, world-famous for its fine diving sites. Semporna has changed a lot since my last visit in the year 2000: nowadays there is a good tourist infrastructure in place, catering to both backpackers (several places where to stay for less than RM100/night) and to the higher-end traveller. Semporna has a number of dive operators (Scubajunkie, Sipadan Scuba, Uncle Chang and others) who organise dive daytrips to the nearby islands. Staying in Semporna and doing daytrips is an option for those who can't afford to stay on the resorts of the islands (although Uncle Chang offers Accommodation on Mabul for less than RM100/night). Semporna was founded in the 19th century by the British and is nowadays populated mainly by Bajaus, people who originally came from the Philippines.
01 Flooded street after the rain 02 Flooded street after the rain 03 Flooded street after the rain 04 Mosque 05 Mosque minaret 06 Market stalls and mosque
07 Market stalls 08 Market stalls 09 Eatery kitchen 10 Eatery tables 11 Market scene
12 Green mango fruits 13 Market after the rain 14 Small red chilli peppers for sale 15 Fish market
16 Cuttlefish 17 Fish market 18 Harbour and boats 19 Boats in harbour
20 Harbour and Dragon Inn 21 Harbour and boats 22 Harbour and Dragon Inn
23 Harbour and boats 24 Building block with shops 25 Sipadan Inn and Mabul cafe
26 Scubajunkie backpackers hotel 27 Scubajunkie shop 28 Mabul cafe at night
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