Kota Kinabalu extends for a few km between Likas bay and the airport. The city centre consists essentially of modern buildings, because Kota Kinabalu was almost completely destroyed by British and US bombing raids during World War II. Only very few colonial era buildings survived the destruction. The centre of KK is however quite pleasant and interesting due to the various neighbourhoods and mix of ethnicities. Kampung Air near the waterfront is the budget Accommodation area.
01 Clock tower 02 Sabah tourism board building 03 Palm tree 04 Arch 05 Roasted ducks 06 Roasted ducks
07 Steamed chicken with soya sauce and spices 08 Padang Merdeka sports field 09 Hairdresser pricelist
10 Chinese temple 11 Lampposts in Sinsuran street 12 Meridien hotel 13 Shops in Tun Fuad Stephen street 14 Quiksilver apparel shop
15 Tun Fuad Stephen street at night 16 Colourful building facade 17 Hotel Traveller 18 Colourful shops 19 Colourful shops
20 Bus station 21 KFC restaurant 22 Sunday market 23 Sunday market
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