The Imbak canyon is bordered on three sides by sandstone ridges, which are up to 1000-1500m high. Around the Imbak canyon studies centre there are a couple of forest trails. Where these trails cross streams, suspension bridges have been built to make it easier to cross the streams. The Big Belian research camp has been set up in the forest to support the research activities of a group of scientists. A 38km dirt track connects the Imbak canyon studies centre with Kampung Imbak. This dirt track is partially used by logging trucks and passes by a number of oil palm plantations. It's a very rough dirt track, full of stones.
01 Imbak canyon mountain ridge
02 Imbak canyon mountain crest
03 Imbak canyon southern ridge 04 Imbak canyon mountain crest 05 Treetops
06 Imbak canyon mountain ridge 07 Imbak canyon mountain crest
08 Imbak canyon mountain ridge 09 Kapur suspension bridge 10 Big belian research camp 11 Suspension bridge
12 Suspension bridge 13 Wooden staircase to Imbak falls 14 Trail to main office 15 Trail to main office 16 Road to Kampung Imbak
17 Night sky with star trails
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