The Gomantong caves lie along the road to Sukau in the lower Kinabatangan area in Sabah. They are large limestone caves, of which the larger one, Simud Hitam, has the largest pile of guano (bat excrements) in the world. Simud Hitam is easily accessible to the public, just a few minutes walk from the main entrance through the jungle. In the caves bird's nests (nest made by swiftlets with their saliva) are harvested. Harvesters risk their lives climbing networks of rattan ladders and ropes to get to the nests. In the caves there is a strong smell of ammonia.
01 Walkway to cave 02 Simud Hitam cave entrance 03 Frontal view of cave with walkways 04 Cave interior 05 Bird nest harvesting ladders
06 Simud Hitam cave interior 07 Bird nest harvesting in rear part of cave 08 Bird nest harvesting in rear part of cave 09 Rear part of cave 10 Simud Hitam cave interior 11 Light entering from rear opening of cave
12 Simud Hitam cave with openings 13 Main entrance to cave
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