The Crocker range national park is accessible from KK either by driving along the coastal road and then turning inland after Papar, or by driving inland from Kota Kinabalu across Penampang and turning southwest once in Tambunan. Keningau is a somehow larger urban centre with many hotels and shopping facilities. Keningau is also not too far away from the Crocker range, making it a suitable basis from which to explore the Crocker range. The roads in and around Keningau are in a relatively good condition.
01 Car on road across Crocker range 02 Road to Keningau 03 Dimie Pedalaman resort 04 Telecommunications tower
05 Car crossing Crocker range 06 Crocker range road 07 Fern 08 Kimanis security gate
09 Crocker range road 10 Crocker range road 11 Telecommunictions tower 12 Crocker range road
13 Crocker range park headquarter 14 Road crossing Crocker range 15 Roadside cafe
16 Crocker range park headquarter 17 Lily 18 Red hibiscus 19 Crocker nature centre
20 Keningau
21 Keningau 22 Keningau mall
23 Keningau 24 Hotel Paramount Keningau 25 Hotel Ria Keningau
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