With an area of 440 kmē Pulau Banggi is the biggest Malaysian island. It is located at the northern end of Sabah, about 40km northeast of the city of Kudat. About 20000 people live on Banggi, of which 1000 reside in the small city of Karakit, at the southern end of Pulau Banggi. There is a ferry connecting Banggi with Kudat (trip takes about 1 hour, morning and afternoon connections).
Pulau Banggi is densely forested and still completely undeveloped from a tourist perspective. There are cars and roads on Banggi, but no taxis, tourist information or tourist infrastructure whatsoever. Near Karakit there are no nice beaches, so basically tourists who arrive with the ferry are stuck in Karakit with nothing to do. Despite what is claimed on the sensiborneo.com website, Pulau Banggi is not suitable at the moment as a tourist destination. Also have a look at my trip report or the "The problem with Pulau Banggi" blog.
01 Island near Pulau Banggi 02 Islet near Pulau Banggi 03 Island near Pulau Banggi
04 Pulau Banggi island
05 Karakit village 06 Pulau Banggi island
07 Pulau Banggi island 08 Pulau Banggi 09 Islet near Pulau Banggi
10 Islet near Pulau Banggi 11 Stilt houses settlement on Pulau Banggi 12 The pier in Karakit
13 The pier in Karakit 14 Karakit mosque 15 Walking on the pier 16 Stilt houses
17 Rocky beach 18 Palm trees canopy 19 Palm trees canopy 20 Rocky beach
21 Beach 22 Stilt houses in Karakit 23 Seawater with fish near the pier
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