The Gunung Stong state park is located in Kelantan, 7km to the west of the town of Dabong. It's a park area centered around the 1422m high Gunung Stong mountain. It's main highlight are its waterfalls, of which the Jelawang one is peninsular Malaysia's highest with a total height of 540m. The park has a number of forest trails and offers hiking, swimming and trekking opportunities. It's possible to do a two day trek to the summit of the Stong mountain, with an intermediate stop in a campsite.
01 Jelawang waterfall 02 Jelawang waterfall 03 Jelawang waterfall 04 Jelawang waterfall and rainforest 05 Forest trail 06 Forest trail
07 Waterfall 08 Waterfall 09 Forest trail 10 Jelawang waterfall 11 Jelawang waterfall 12 Jelawang river
13 Forest stream 14 Jelawang river
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