Some pictures of the beaches in the northern part of Perhentian Besar, the bigger of the two Perhentian islands. These include the excellent white coral sand Teluk Pauh beach (where the Perhentian island resort is located) and the nice, but unsuitable for swimming beach facing Perhentian Kecil, the smaller of the two Perhentian islands.
01 Rocks 02 Beach 03 Beach 04 Beach 05 Beach 06 Rocks
07 Rocks along the coast 08 Rocks along the coast 09 Rocks along the coast 10 Channel separating the Perhentian islands
11 Beach 12 Beach 13 Beach 14 Palm trees along beach
15 Palm trees along beach 16 Palm trees 17 Beach 18 Teluk Pauh beach
19 Teluk Pauh beach 20 Teluk Pauh beach
21 Teluk Pauh beach 22 Teluk Pauh beach before the storm 23 Storm approaching 24 Teluk Pauh beach at sunset
25 Rocks at sunset 26 Beach at sunset
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