Johor Bahru lies at the southernmost tip of peninsular Malaysia, opposite Singapore. With a population of 900000 inhabitants it is the second largest urban area in Malaysia. Johor Bahru, frequently abbreviated as JB, was founded in 1855 by the sultan of Johor. The city has a number of sights, including the Sultan Abu Bakar mosque and the Istana Besar royal palace museum. In the city centre there are some temples and other interesting buildings. Johor Bahru airport is a regional hub for AirAsia flights, with connections to many Malaysian and international destinations. The city is frequently visited by Singaporeans who come here for shopping and dining.
01 Hindu gift and flower shop 02 Flower chains 03 Sri Mariamman Hindu temple 04 Sultan Ibrahim building 05 Sultan Ibrahim building
06 Skyscraper 07 Skyscraper 08 Jackfruits 09 Jackfruits
10 Rambutan fruits 11 Pedestrian area with billboards 12 Kotaraya shopping mall 13 Kotaraya shopping mall
01 Abu Bakar mosque with minarets and gardens 02 Rear view of Abu Bakar mosque 03 White minaret 04 White minaret 05 White minaret
06 White minaret 01 Istana Besar palace 02 Istana Besar palace 03 Istana Besar palace wing
04 Palace facade detail 05 Palace facade detail 06 Arched corridor 07 Palace facade detail 08 Decorated white columns 09 Rear view of palace
10 Rear view of palace
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