South of cathedral square lies an area with several renessaince, baroque and neoclassical buildings. The current Vilnius Town Hall oversees a long square and was rebuilt in neoclassical style in 1799. The church of St. Casimir is a Roman Catholic church built by the Jesuits in the town hall square in the 17th century. Founded in 1579 by the grand duke of Lithuania, the Vilnius University is the oldest university in the Baltic states and the largest university in Lithuania.
01 Pilies street 02 Pilies street 03 Red brick house 04 Church heritage museum 05 Narutis hotel
06 Town hall square
07 Town hall square
08 Town hall square
09 Town hall square 10 Church of St Casimir 11 Town hall square
12 Church of St Casimir 13 Church of St Casimir 14 Neoclassical buildings in Didzioji street 15 Lithuanian national philharmonic society
16 Vilnius university 17 Presidential palace
18 Presidential palace 19 Hotel Kempinski 20 Research council of Lithuania
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