The Rundāle palace lies in Latvia, about 70km south of Riga and 10km north of the border to Lithuania. It's a baroque palace built in the 18th century for the dukes of Courland. The palace was partly destroyed in 1919, later used as a school and restored between 1972 and 1992. It consists of two long wings which are connected to a central building and is surrounded by a large park with gardens in Versailles style. On its upper level the palace contains a number of large, ceremonial chambers.
01 Palace garden 02 Palace garden 03 Trees in palace garden 04 Channel
05 Rundale palace 06 Rundale palace 07 Rundale palace
08 Rundale palace
09 Rundale palace 10 Rundale palace 11 Rundale palace and fountain
12 Rundale palace 13 Corridor with pillars 14 Staircase 15 Gold hall
16 White hall 17 White hall 18 Oval porcelain cabinet 19 Small gallery
20 Gold hall 21 Duke dressing room 22 Second antechamber of Duchess apartments 23 Duchess study room
24 Duchess toilet room
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