The historic core of Riga extends along the northeastern bank of the Daugava river, west of the railway station. It is surrounded by a moat and in the past also by city walls, which have been dismantled and replaced by a green belt of parks. The historic core contains large pedestrian areas, a maze of narrow cobblestone streets and buildings in medieval, renessaince, baroque and neoclassical styles. There is no clearly identifiable centre, but the cathedral square is the largest square of historic Riga. The historic core of Riga has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.
01 Neoclassical building on cathedral square 02 Russian theatre 03 St Peter and Paul church 04 St Peter and Paul church 05 Moat
06 Moat 07 Moat 08 Ice cream seller 09 Purple tulips
10 Park 11 Park 12 Latvian national opera 13 Alley 14 Alley
15 St Peter church 16 Old town and flower beds 17 Staircase facade 18 Yellow tulips 19 Town musicians of Bremen statue 20 St Peter church
21 House of the Blackheads 22 House of the Blackheads 23 House of the Blackheads 24 Riga city council 25 Cat house
26 Cat house 27 Russian theatre 28 Riga cathedral 29 Riga cathedral 30 House of the Blackheads at dusk
31 House of the Blackheads at dusk 32 House of the Blackheads at dusk 33 Russian theatre 34 St Peter church 35 Riga at night
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