The Plain of Jars is a collection of sites near Phonsavan containing thousands of stone jars, which lie scattered throughout the Xieng Khouang plain. Archaeologists believe that the jars were used 1,500 to 2,000 years ago, by an ancient Southeast Asian race whose culture is now totally unknown. The jars may have been used as funeral urns or perhaps storage for food. The Plain of Jars is perhaps the most dangerous archaeological area in the world due to the large number of unexploded bombs left behind by America's so-called Secret War in Laos in the 1960s.
01 Mines warning board 02 Mines warning board 03 Trail 04 Panorama view
05 Stone jars 06 Stone jars 07 Stone jars 08 Stone jars 09 Panorama view
10 Stone jars 11 Stone jars 12 Panorama view
13 Panorama view 14 Panorama view 15 Panorama view and tree
16 Stone jars 17 Stone jar 18 Panorama view 19 Stone jars 20 Stone jar
21 Stone jars 22 Stone jar and grey chart 23 Panorama view 24 Panorama view 01 Trail
02 Stone jars and trees 03 Stone jars and trees 04 Stone jar broken by tree 05 Stone jar 06 Stone jars and trees 07 Stone jar
08 Stone jars and trees 09 Stone jar 10 Panorama view 11 Stone jars
12 Stone jars 13 Stone jar 14 Stone jar 01 Overview of the site
02 Panorama view 03 Stone jars 04 Stone jar 05 Stone jar 06 Stone jars 07 Stone jars
08 Stone jars 09 Stone jars 10 Stone jar 11 Stone jar
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