In Vientiane there are several Buddhist temples ("wat") spread around the city. Wat That Luang Tai and Wat That Luang Neua are two Buddhist temples situated next to the Pha That Luang complex. Wat Xieng Nyeun is s Buddhist temple next to the Bank for external commerce along the Mekong river.
01 Wat Ong Teu 02 Wat In Peng 03 Wat Chan 04 Tombs in Wat Xieng Nyeun 05 Wat Xieng Nyeun 06 Wat Xieng Nyeun
07 Wat Xieng Nyeun 08 Naga head in Wat That Luang Neua 09 Wat That Luang Neua 10 Wat That Luang Tai gate 11 Wat That Luang Tai
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