Some photos of Lao people in and around Luang Prabang. Photos 1-9 were taken in 2005, while photos 10-20 were taken in the year 2000. You can see that Laotians now dress in a more westernised way compared to five years ago, when the country way less open than today. Most women however still wear the traditional sarong. Photos 19 and 20 were taken in April 2000, at the beginning of the dry season, when lots of children wait on the streets and throw water on passers-by.
01 Laotian girl 02 Laotian woman 03 Laotian children 04 Weaving woman 05 Laotian girl 06 Schoolchildren in school
07 Laotian children 08 Laotian children 09 Laotian girls 10 Laotian schoolgirls in uniform 11 Weaving girl 12 Laotian girl
13 Laotian boy 14 Laotian villagers 15 Laotian villagers 16 Laotian children 17 Laotian children
18 Laotian children 19 Water festival 20 Water festival
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