The Bolaven plateau is an area of highland between 1000m and 1300m in southern Laos, with lots of rain and a relatively fresh climate ("relatively" as the south of Laos can get very hot). The plateau is crossed by several rivers and has many scenic waterfalls. The scenery consists mainly of forests, savanna like open spaces as well as farms, rice paddies and coffee plantations.
01 Waterfall 02 Waterfall 03 River and forest 04 Trees 05 River and forest
06 River and forest 07 River and forest 08 River and forest 09 River and forest 10 River and forest
11 Riverbank and tree 12 Tree and sky 13 Tree trunk 14 Tree tops and sky 15 Trail across the forest 16 Treetops
17 Riverbank and trees 18 River and fisherman 19 White reed flowers 20 Panorama view with dry rice paddies
21 Dry rice fields 22 Meadow and trees 23 Savanna and tree 24 Reed plant
25 Savanna 26 Pond and trees 27 Brooms 28 Tree along the road
29 Sunset 30 Hill at sunset
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