Don Khong is a large island in the Mekong river, measuring 18km from north to south and 8km at its widest point. The two major settlements are Muang Saen on the western side and Muang Khong on the eastern side of the island. The island is "relatively" developed, having access to electric power 24h/day and having paved roads. On the island rice is cultivated in the rainy season (not yet in the dry season, although the government has started an irrigation project with the Mou Ngse pumping station). The island, which has several hotels and guesthouses, is a comfortable basis to explore the Si Phan Don region.
01 Dry rice fields 02 Wat Phu Khao Kaew buddhist temple 03 Wat Phu Khao Kaew buddhist temple 04 Wat Phu Khao Kaew buddhist temple
05 Mou Ngse pumping station 06 Mou Ngse pumping station 07 Irrigation channel 08 Dry rice fields 09 Muang Saen village
10 Muang Saen village 11 Muang Saen village 12 Muang Saen village 13 Riverbank in Muang Saen village
14 Buddhist monks on boat 15 Buddhist monks on boat 16 Muang Saen village 17 Sugar palm trees 18 Harvesting sugar palm trees
19 Woman cooking palm sugar 20 Pieces of dried palm sugar 21 Pieces of dried palm sugar 22 Sunset and palm tree 23 Sunset
24 Sunset and palm tree
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