The Taejongdae peninsula is one of the famous tourist attractions in Pusan, with its white lighthouse overlooking the green sea. It is a rocky area with tree covered cliffs overlooking the blue sea.
The Haeundae beach, a popular tourist attraction in Korea, is a wide and long beach near Pusan.
01 Statue in Taejongdae 02 View from Taejongdae peninsula 03 View from Taejongdae peninsula 04 Sea and rocks in Taejongdae 05 Pine trees in Taejongdae peninsula 06 Pine trees in Taejongdae peninsula
07 Defensive position in Taejongdae 08 Defensive position in Taejongdae 09 Taejongdae bay 10 Haeundae beach 11 Haeundae beach
12 Haeundae beach 13 Haeundae beach 14 Restaurant aquarium
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