Completed in 2010, the Khan Shatyr is a huge, 150m tall tent-like structure made out of ethylene tetrafluoroethylene cushions, located at the end of the Nurzhol boulevard. Inside the Khan Shatyr there is a huge shopping mall with shops selling western branded goods and a food court. Near the Khan Shatyr lies the Astana Opera ()State Theatre of Opera and Ballet) which was completed in 2013 and has the shape of a Greek temple. The Kazmunaygas headquarters are another emblematic building with an arch like structure.
01 Triumph of Astana residential complex 02 Triumph of Astana 03 Fountain in the round square 04 Fountain in the round square 05 Fountain in the round square
06 Nur Astana mosque 07 Khan Shatyr 08 Khan Shatyr interior hall 09 Opera house
10 I love Astana 11 Khan Shatyr 12 I love Astana 13 Kazmunaygas headquarters
14 Astana opera 15 Opera house 16 Fountain at night 17 Fountain in the round square at night
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